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Decentralized exchange challenger-EZDex debuts


The financial market is constantly changing. With the continuous development of the information and financial industry, EZDex decentralized exchange will be launched on April 19, 2021, redefining its transactions and redistributing wealth.

The blockchain industry has been constantly progressing and developing. Under this premise, there are many risks in centralized trading platforms.And the future digital asset trading is also facing constant self-challenge and self-innovation。

The choice of the times revolution has come, and an era terminator DAPP is being born. EZDex is a completely decentralized exchange and the world's first strategic decentralized exchange, covering the advantages of DeFi and decentralized exchanges. In order to better respond to the ever-changing financial market needs, EZDex meets users through a series of financial innovations and creates a complete ecosystem.

EZDex advantage

All centralized exchanges have servers, and users need to recharge their tokens to the exchange wallet to trade. In the past 10 years, there have been more than 30 hacking incidents on centralized exchanges, such as Mt.Gox and Coincheck. Until now, hackers' attempts to steal have never stopped. Every day, hackers are trying to find vulnerabilities to invade the centralized system through various methods. On the contrary, EZDex is completely different from centralized exchanges. EZDex does not need to store and control users' digital assets. Assets are stored in a distributed way and completed through smart contracts. Because EZDex data is stored in the computer network, this makes the attack very difficult, and it also makes EZDex more secure.

Secondly, EZDex has strong anonymity. Only one public key is required to use EZDex, and there is no need to register for real-name authentication, thus avoiding KYC and AML problems. Recently, the news that KYC information of major centralized exchanges has been leaked has been raged, confirming once again that EZDex decentralized exchanges are the choice of the times and the direction of future development. EZDex does not touch the private key, and the user fully controls his own assets. It has higher security, is very innovative in the embedded wallet scanning transaction technology, and is matched by smart contracts on the chain, and the transaction speed is extremely fast.

The creation community of EZDex comes from the world's top geek team, has a wealth of experience in teamwork and computer technology, and has achieved great results in the research of blockchain. Familiarity and cognition of blockchain allows them to use blockchain technology more flexibly. The EZDex decentralized exchange was created due to a common consensus concept. Under the historical conditions of new opportunities in the digital asset trading track, the team is determined to create a more secure, convenient and reliable decentralized architecture for global users Trading platform.

EZDex uses its own advantages to globalize its products and services. In the global ecological layout, it has a global project expansion and operation management system, existing global communities, Asian communities, Chinese communities and communities on other continents. Accumulating a large number of users is the foundation of EZDex.

In the future, Dapp is a gold mine that needs to be developed urgently. EZDex will continue to upgrade and innovate to make users use faster, more convenient, and more secure, establish a platform for the DApp developer community, and lead the next wave of development of the blockchain. let us wait and see!

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